A pound is larger than you think


I’ve started to notice something about myself… every time I’ve attempted to lose weight in the last year I always, ALWAYS, give up by day 4 or 5. I never make it a week. The first 3 days are a piece of cake (… made out of an almond crust and plain organic apples with fresh grounded up cinnamon ) but the 4th and 5th days are usually what really gets me! I think the reason for it is because I’m making sacrifices all day long but I feel like I’m getting zero reward. I eat enough greens for 2 people at lunch time but yet my clothes still feel tight! I know, I know…  the work I put in now will be a reward in 6 months when my body is in good shape but unfortunately I have the patience of a 2 year old.

So this morning when I woke up and weighed myself and saw that I had only lost 1.8 lbs in total, it just broke me. I very slowly walked myself to my closet and picked out the baggiest dress I could find. For the rest of the morning I was in a huge slump! I started telling myself I couldn’t keep making sacrifices anymore and that I was a failure because I hadn’t lost more weight in the last 5 days. Then I got on google….. and this is what I found.



After seeing this picture my 1.8 lbs didn’t feel so small!! I may not know where that 1.8 pounds was lost from but it feels pretty good to know that at least that much is gone from my body now! My clothes may feel tight today but if I lose 1.8 lbs every 5 days that mean that in 8 months I will be 90 lbs lighter then I am now . If that’s not a reward than I’m not sure what is. So here’s to losing another 1.8 lbs!


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