Stranger Danger

Maybe she should stop inhaling food and move that fat a.s.s of hers instead of sitting in front of [a] computer feeding her vanity. I bet my sweet tooth she wont lose any weight. When u want to be thin u do things, u dont talk about them

I am thin and gorgeous after giving birth to 3 children and i never bragged about it on [the]internet. Just exercised every second i had”

The words typed above are stuck in my head, I just can’t get them out so I’ve decided to write about them.

Today I had my first awful run in with a stranger online! Maybe I’m naïve or maybe I’ve just kept away from social media for too many years.. but that’s something I’ve never experienced before. Growing up there was always some cruel kid that said mean things that made you run home to your parents crying, but who would have thought that in my 20’s a stranger would make me feel like crying to my parents??

Some person I have never met before just knocked me flat on my back. As I read this I felt a sharp pain in my chest and then my face started to get all red. If I was in a sandbox with her I might have just hit her with my little plastic blue shovel. The second line was what really got me… you never brag online? What are you doing right now than?  If that’s not bragging online about being thin and gorgeous than I’m not sure what it is! So as I’m getting my extremely angry typing fingers ready to just rip a nice good strip off this lady.. up pops a comment from someone else.

An incredibly positive and kind message from another stranger! She told me her weight loss story and even stood up for me against another troll (calling them a poop brain doesn’t work in your 20’s but “troll” is the next best thing). This is a woman I’ve never met in my entire life but here she is making my day A hundred times better.  So I calmed my typing fingers and my ferocious red-head temper down… and I thought about it for A little bit. How will it benefit me if I write back to this cruel stranger? Sure it’ll feel great to tell her off and get angry (when really I’m just sad and hurt) but that makes me even worse than she is! I don’t want to be the troll, I want to be the positive stranger that makes someone’s day a hundred times better!!!!

So I sucked up my pride and I moved on.




♦ I would like to note that I’m not afraid of the truth. She was right that moving around instead of sitting down is better for weight loss! I really couldn’t agree with her more but I will continue to blog my progress because it motivates me during the 14 hours that I’m not blogging or sleeping!! ♦



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