Weigh scales are scary

I’ve always found that the best time for me to weigh myself is in the morning before I eat breakfast. I’ve most likely been asleep for 8 hours so my body has had time to digest and I don’t feel bloated or gross! It also starts my day on a very conscious note! If the scale goes up or stays the same then I know to be even better that day.  When it goes down it brighten my day right up and makes me feel like I can do anything.. like lose more weight!

Most people consume a ridiculous amount of calories after 7 pm at night. Whether it’s because they’re distracted and watching TV.. or because the stress of the day has taken a toll on them and they just want to relax with a bag of chips… or 3 bags. No ones judging you. Except your mom, but she doesn’t count because she has to love you no matter what, right? I’m one of those people who like to eat um… a bag or so of chips… but when I know I have to weigh myself the very next morning than I’m way less likely to binge eat late at night. The short term goal really helps my will power to be stronger.

              So remember not to eat past 7 pm!!!!! Your morning weigh in will go so much smoother if you don’t!

(I also suggest striping to weigh yourself, all of your clothing items weigh a different amount so they can alter the number on the scale!)


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